About Us

Ureka Electronics was established in 1991 with the magical word of UREKA inspired from famous scientist Archimidiz (Marathi Meaning - Sapadale, English Meaning - Discovered). It started as a hobbiest working on instruments like Radio, TV and various other electronic equipments. Since 2000, Ureka Electronics started dealing specially in Inverters, UPS, Stabilizers - Sales & Service. In 2011, Ureka Electronics invented first of its kind Battery Charger - HUZZA Battery Charger (1 - 16 Battery).

new   Manufacturing unit for Battery Chargers

We have started 3200 sqft manufacturing unit for Battery Chargers in Malegaon, Baramati.

new   Import license in 2014

We have received our Import License in 2014 from Government of India.

  C3 Technology (Creating Confidence Continuously)

We believe in building confidence and strong relationships through our quality products. And we like to repeat better performances continuously, every time.

  Compare Technology & Price with Others

We have always tried to remain competitive in the market with our cutting edge technologies and optimum costs. This is what makes us VERY SPECIAL in our service area.