'Huzza' Battery Charger

Huzza.. Ureka Battery Charger

Applications of 'Huzza' Battery Charger :

  • Beneficial for battery shops.
  • Useful for automotive and inverter battery charging.

Features of 'Huzza' Battery Charger :

  • No need to set battery output voltage.
  • Recover ZERO gravity battery in less time.
  • All double rated component used in product for reliability and long life.
  • Proven technology: Constant-Current Control.
  • Latest cerectifier / SCR technology for switching.
  • Very compact size / light weight, wild input range (12V, 24V, 36V, 48V, 72V,
    96V, 120V, 144V, 180V, 192 Volts)
  • Highly efficient / cost effective / easy to connect / Inbuilt battery blocking diode.
  • .
  • Constant-Current characteristic for battery charging application.
  • Output current adjustment is available from 0 to 15A in the slab of 5A.
  • MCB for input protection and on/off purpose.
  • Master-Slave operation with equal voltage and current sharing.

Special Features of 'Huzza' Battery Charger :

  • Class-F insulation for all magnetic.
  • Automatic voltage regulation using digital control logic.
  • Filter circuit to limit ripple.
  • Programmable (MCB Switch) output current can be programmed to 5A, 10A and 15A.

Technical specifications of 'Huzza' Battery Charger :

AC input range 130v AC to 300v AC (single phase). Our wide range for 230v AC input.
Frequency 47 to 63 Hz
Input Protection Internal AC fuse as a MCB
EMI compliance Inbuilt RFI/EMI filter provided
Hold up time 20 m sec @ minimum AC input
Protection MCB protection and on/off
Voltage Internally programmed, adjustable, external control as required or according to your battery requirement(0v to 192v max) of 16 batteries.
Current Current can be externally programmed or adjustable.
O/P Power 2880 W (Max)
Regulation ± 0. 5% line and load.
Output ripple and noise Less than 1% pk-pk
Protection O/P over load & short circuit.
Indication 1 High Quality Analog Panel Meter with Neon lamp to display Input Voltage and Output Current.
Working temperature (-)15c to (+)85c and ambient temperature.

Comparison with Conventional Battery Chargers :

Parameters Huzza Conventional
AC input range 130v AC to 300v AC 200v AC to 240v AC
Battery Voltage No Voltage Settings Voltage Settings required everytime
Gravity Recover 0 to 1220 in very less time, without heat Minimum 48 Hrs
No of Batteries Charged 1 to 16 1 to 6
Price Rs. 6500/- (Conditions Apply) Rs. 8000/-
Service Onsite Carry In
Others Easy to connect, Light Weight, No need of Technical Knowledge Very Bulky, Qualified Technician required for operating